Selasa, 19 Julai 2011

Ideal age to marry (part 2)

I have my own mantra, so that I won't succumb to the wedding train that's moving very fast (being single at the moment helps too)...

It's not about how FAST you get married, but how long you STAY married

At the end of the day you'll be married to that same person till the day one of you die, or decided to separate. I'm not saying young married couples won't last long. If they don't, such a waste. But if they do then they are just lucky they've met suitable mate. They are lucky for having a stable financial to start a family. They are lucky to have such matured mentally and ready to make a commitment. 

For most of us unlucky unmarried clan, just go out there and have some fun while you can. Go travel round the world. Get a pet. Buy properties. Join a gym or yoga class. Learn new languages. Develop new hobbies or skills. Meet new people. Do all of those things that married couples hardly do.

As for the Makcik and her kind, next time when she asks when are you getting married, your answer will be:

May...(pause for like 3 secs till you see her shocked face)...Maybe yes, Maybe no

*This post dedicated to my friends who are complaining about getting so many wedding invitation. Don't worry your time will come :)

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