Jumaat, 15 Julai 2011

Once loved

Today i just woke up and said to myself, "hey you have a blog...which u abandoned for like 5 months now"

Aisehmann my last post is in Feb. But in my defense i have a reasonable excuse for this. First of all...okay seriously i got nothing =_=" i simply stop writing. Maybe it was one of those things that i was excited at first but got tired after a while. Finally i came to my sense and decided to start writing again, it's never too late u know, it's only too late if u stop trying :)

I like doing things 'sekerat2'. For example i learn how to swim, became good at it and tried to make it a regular thing but didn't work out. Then i taught myself how to play guitar and can only play one damn song over and over again pffttttt. After that there's that gym obsession 4 times a week, on and off for like half a year. 

Once in a while i tried to go back to these things. Turns out i still very much in love with them. It's just that i don't have the time. So why don't i tried make time for it? Maybe i should...

You see, people need to be reminded of the things that they once loved. We are human after all, easily forgetting. But once you remember how it feels like doing the things you love, you might just not want to let it go again, and make sure you make time, otherwise you can lose your interest, and one day you will wake up and realize how much you miss it. Pretty much like LOVE, but that's another story...or is it? ;)

2 ulasan:

  1. im just not used to u being this optimistic bout love =P

  2. slagi mood ok im making d most of it..kang dh mula musim ribut mula la segala semut pon nk marah :-"