Isnin, 18 Julai 2011

Ideal age to marry

What's the most common question, ask especially to a 25 single year old girl or above, sitting alone looking vulnerable in a wedding?...kamu BILA lagi?

Not that it never happen to a guy, tapi sudah menjadi lumrah saham perempuan decline proportionately with increasing age, manakala untuk lelaki...well we are like antiques, desirable because of our age (of course we'll reach some point where we are look at as old pervert rather than a 'Richard Gere'). So I guess that's why it's important for a 'Makcik' to ask such question because she is concern that the 'Anak dara' will eventually turn into what society like to label as Andartu (either that or she's just another annoying suka-jaga-tepi-kain-orang type of Makcik). For whatever reason it may be, the question itself, BILA?, is already giving out the idea that marriage is a bread, you have to eat it before the expiry date (ok maybe u guys can come up with better analogy hehe :D )

So...putting aside the peer pressure and, Makcik Kiah, Senah, Munah and the rest of the world's concern on your marital status, what is the right age to get married. I see some giving me some 'duhh' and little bit of 'roll eyes' :P... Yes! Of course when you meet The One. Jadi persoalannya dari awal bukan tentang bila, tapi siapa...-TO BE CONTINUED- (ngantuk nk tido)

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